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Louisiana has historically been a state that was known as anti-gambling. Not much has changed in recent years, and there is a widespread belief that that much will remain for quite some time to come. Land-based gambling is hawked over by Louisiana law enforcement, and online gambling is also explicitly illegal under state law. While this is so, we will explain why citizens of the state are able to gamble freely at all sorts of online casinos without any concern for their legal well-being.

Knowing that there exists no legalized, regulated online casino network within the state of Louisiana, the next most logical question is if it will ever happen. Though there have been some talks regarding the establishment of online casinos in the state, but those talks have been little more than that. It does not really seem as though Louisiana is keen on gambling in general, so it goes without saying that they likely won’t be keen on online gambling either.

What Are The Best Louisiana Real Money Gambling Sites?

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Legal Status of Online Casinos & Gambling — Louisiana

Louisiana CasinosUnlike many other states in the US, Louisiana does have laws on the books that may lead one to believe that participating in gambling for real money online might land you in some trouble. This is a valid fear, but the letter of the law is written such that those operating online casinos will be the ones who are put behind bars. This means that the average player should not worry at all about getting in trouble for playing a hand of real money blackjack online. In fact, they should not let any form of real money gambling have them in fear for their freedom. Up to this point in time, not a single person has even come close to being prosecuted or thrown in jail for having played casino games online. This simple does not happen regardless of how many friends tell you otherwise.

As was briefly touched upon above, it does not appear at the present moment in time that Louisiana state lawmakers are considering the establishment of an intrastate online casino network anytime soon. Louisiana has long blazed its own trail, and even though neighboring states are considering the establishment of an intrastate online casino network, Louisiana has not really lifted a finger on the matter. This is not atypical for a Southern state, as most are generally opposed to the idea of legalized gambling. While we wait for an intrastate network to be created, players can still enjoy a wide variety of reputable, trustworthy casinos at which they can play their favorite games. In addition to simply being able to play on a computer, residents will also find that many of the preexistent online casinos also offer a mobile gaming platform as well. This means that so long as your phone or tablet has internet connectivity, you are able to play your favorite real money casino games.

Legal Status of Brick and Mortar Casinos — Louisiana

Brick and mortar casinos can be found in Louisiana, but they are most often found in the form of riverboat gambling sites. The city of New Orleans also plays host to a few casinos, but other than that a majority of citizens across the state find brick and mortar gambling a bit more difficult to come by. Racetracks are also spots where people can place wagers. As you can clearly tell, the state of gambling in Louisiana is disjointed and, in many ways, confusing. Basically, if you live in or near New Orleans you are in luck, but if you live in most other parts of the state you will not be able to find much gambling that isn’t at racetracks. In typically Southern fashion, Louisiana is entirely accepting of horse and dog track betting, but opposes most other forms. To many, this makes no sense at all.

Louisiana is not necessarily the most gambling-friendly state in the US, but they do make it fairly easy to play your favorite casino games so long as you live in the right place. Because Louisiana is so large, and finding a casino is not necessarily the easiest thing to do, online casinos are where many players turn. In addition to this, you will see citizens living near state borders cross those borders in order to gamble at casinos that exist in neighboring states. With all that money leaving, you would think that the state government would act to make gambling more accessible to citizens. After all, citizens pouring over the border to gamble in other states represents hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars the state is losing in potential tax revenues. For states in the US, the biggest reasoning behind making gambling legal or, if nothing else, more accessible is due to the tax benefits that can be derived. With most states struggling to get out of a budget deficit, gambling taxes seem like the perfect solution. Unfortunately, state lawmakers do not seem to see it this way.

Louisiana Online Casinos & Gambling FAQ

Will I have my money taken if I attempt to deposit or withdraw from Louisiana online casinos?

Though the state of Louisiana is fairly harsh when it comes to gambling laws, you can rest-assured knowing that any money you deposit is safe. With regard to withdrawals, so long as you attempt to withdraw via a method that is approved under US banking laws, you will be fine. Most often, players choose to withdraw via a mailed check or a direct bank transfer.

What is the legal age to play at online casinos in Louisiana?

The legal age to gamble online in the state of Louisiana is 21. The only exception to this is online bingo, where you must be at least 18 years of age in order to participate.

What type of games are offered at Louisiana online casinos?

This is something that is reliant upon the casino at which you choose to play. Some casinos only offer a select few types of games, while others are all-inclusive and offer anything from blackjack, to roulette, and anything in between. You must do a little bit of research, but you will easily be able to determine which online casinos offer what games.

How do I know that the games are fair?

This is another thing that comes down to you, the player, doing your research. Most every reputable online casino will explicitly state that their games are independently audited for randomness, so this should ease your worries. If, after a bunch of digging, you cannot find anything stating that the site’s games are audited for randomness, you should take your business elsewhere.

Can I wager in any denomination?

Depending on the site at which you play, you can wager in any monetary denomination. It must be stated, however, that most sites only allow you to wager in US Dollars.

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