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Campaign For Louisiana Sports Betting Starts Before November Vote

  • A new campaign titled Louisiana Wins has launched to bring sports betting to the Pelican State.
  • The campaign states funding for schools as its main argument.
  • Louisiana residents can go to the Louisiana Wins website and register to support the cause.

BATON ROUGE, La. – Louisiana sports betting supporters have pushed forth a new campaign to bring sports betting to the Pelican State.

Louisiana Wins aims to launch sports betting under the guise of bringing funding for schools. This is the second campaign to attempt to launch sports betting in Louisiana.

The campaign is also pushing the potential annual revenue that would come from sports betting to be used to fund state infrastructure and other improvements.

Right now, Louisiana sports bettors can support the campaign by visiting the main site for information on voting.

The local election for the approval of sports betting will be held on November 3rd. The campaign is promoting for sports bettors to vote yes when the time comes.

The Louisiana Wins campaign is backed by legislators in the local government who wish to bring sports betting to Louisiana and to use the extra tax revenue to benefit the state.

“Louisiana faces challenges – like under-funded schools and roads and bridges that need repair,” reads the official campaign. “We are losing as much as $330 million of revenue, even as our residents cross the border to Arkansas and Mississippi for legalized sports betting there. It’s time we kept revenues closer to home. Louisiana should legalize and tax sports wagering like it does other gaming, keeping that revenue in Louisiana to fund our urgent needs like K-12, early childhood education, or repair our roads and bridges. When you vote YES on sports wagering, LOUISIANA WINS.”

Other states, like Maryland, are also running their own sports betting campaigns with the emphasis on revenue to fund education.

Louisiana residents may be swayed by the idea that the money from gambling is leaving their state, and that same money could be used to better their own local economy.

If voters turn out in November, then Louisiana can join the rapidly growing legal sports betting market in the U.S.

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